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Astrology Love Horoscope Forecast For Today, 5/29/2018 For All Zodiac Signs

Create a dream board with all your keywords on it and the self that you want to be in the center of them.  Leo, you are a leader personality type but what's a leader without someone who follows. Maybe you've always envisioned yourself as having a company or a non-profit organization. Create a dream board with your vision of the future and add to names of people that you hope one day to meet and help in the future, even if you make those names up.  Virgo, there's a chance to be more intentional, more organized, and much more powerful over the next few weeks and a dream board an make it feel real. Imagine that you are in that space that you need and want to be in the future and get clear about that life by putting it down on paper.  Libra, review the past 6 months and think about where you want to be in the next 6 months. There's more than you can imagine in the future but you may want to use this time to get crystal clear. Where will you be in 6 months? What are you eating, drinking and thinking and with whom? You can create that happy place in the future, now.  Scorpio, if you are tired of the same old routine and want to experience the life you believe should be yours, plan it out in full, striking color. Add quotes, images of moments you want to find yourself in, and don't skimp on any details. You can be the person you want to be by creating a challenge for yourself and don't forget to write action steps down so that you can keep yourself in check too. Sagittarius, maybe you need people around you that believe in your dreams and help to hold you accountable to them.

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